I have so many half finished thoughts right now, and I end up not blogging and not tweeting because they’re not finished, and it is a bit annoying, having all those not quite formulated thoughts hanging around. So here’s a few of them.

1. When I heard about Downton Abbey and the awesome plot (twist would be generous) they added in to spice things up a bit I raged a bit, and then I realised that mainstream media and people who don’t do genre have the same reaction to this as we’ve had about fantasy and the random rape just to show… something… for years. I don’t watch it anymore (I rage quit after Sybill died), but it was interesting, I thought, to see people who aren’t aware that this is a Thing and a conversation that has been had for years, react to it.

2. One thing I’ve realised that people don’t get is that it takes spoons just to get up in the morning, to go somewhere and talk to people even if you don’t really do anything. I’m (probably) going to start a rehab type program soon, and made clear that I won’t participate every single day because I don’t function on that level. To which I got this long explanation that I don’t have to actually perform if I’m having a bad day, and can just take a walk with the dog on the farm or whatever. Which. Yes. It misses the point. So hard. I do look forward to starting this because it sounds fun and more giving than some programs I’ve attended, but that annoyed me a bit. Just getting up earlyish in the morning, eat breakfast, go somewhere, chat with people and be vaguely social is a lot of work. It might not sound like it, but it so is.

3. NaNoWriMo in two weeks. Not prepared. At all. I have a vague idea about superpowered teens, but that’s basically it. I’ve struggled with my writing all year and what used to be easy (remember the year I hit 50k in two weeks?) I’m dreading a bit. I refuse to break my streak though, so I’m pushing through. I’m determined. And as usual I wish there was a NaNo group in the smaller Swedish towns.

4. I need to read Untold. I have it here and I’ve been meaning to, but I just… haven’t. Hoping to do some writing and then do that. Wish me luck.