Every two month I seem to blog and it’s time for another one. I’ve been piling up things to write about but now I can’t seem to remember what they were. Maybe a list will help.

1. I still can’t keep up with blogs and Twitter. It’s not you, it’s me.

2. I’ve started to look through all my old writing projects (and I have many) to see if I can rework one of them into, you know, an actual book. As opposed to a pile of words. I’m doing timelines and such. It’s great.

3. I have also started an “activity” which is a fancy word of saying “let’s give all these unemployed people something to do”, which I thought would be a farm but is actually more of a… nursery. There are trees and gardens and a greenhouse and everything. So far I’m struggling because every time I have a bad day (which is often) they think it’s something they have done wrong and not just my brain fucking with me. It’s also mainly for women who need to talk Swedish better (we have people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia), with a few Swedes (like me!) thrown in to encourage them to not speak Arabic all day long. Which of course means that the leaders all talk very slowly and in simple words and I keep having to remind myself that it’s not because they think I’m an idiot, it’s so the others will be able to keep up. I am a little bit sensitive that way it seems. But it’s nice to get out a bit and it’s very pretty!

4. I haven’t finished my scarf/shawl-of-the-winter yet. Sometimes tells me I won’t finish before March or so.

5. The Olympics was exciting! I watched so much hockey that I got nothing done for most of those weeks. Sweden went to the final but predictably lost to Canada. Which was boring. I really enjoyed the women’s hockey too, and let me tell you, when I read Noora Räty’s open letter, telling the world why she’s retiring despite only being 24 and SO GOOD that she played international hockey at 15, well. I raged. Because like in most sports, there is nowhere to go for a goalie of her caliber – not if she wants to play women’ hockey. And meanwhile the official Twitter account of one of the teams in the NHL makes jokes like this. Even if you don’t watch hockey, you should read her letter. It says so much about the world of female athletes and about the sort of thing they have to fight against. If you think women’s football is bad? Yeah. Read this. (I should probably have made a separate post to this because I have so much more to say.)

6. I really love having an ereader! I didn’t get a Kindle because you can’t buy books in Swedish on it, and thus it would mean a lot of converting files back and forth. Instead I got this one, because it was on sale and because it seemed decent. I like it a lot. I’ve read seven books so far this year (well, six and a half, but the seventh isn’t far off) which is more than I’d normally read in four months or so, and half of them are thanks to the ereader. I like to be able to read and knit at the same time because I don’t have to hold a book open, and I like that when I read in bed at night I don’t have to adjust my emergency book light every time I turn a page. I just need to make a case for it so I have somewhere to stick the light and don’t have to hold it.

7. The newest Mira Grant book is really creepy. Like, eight pound tapeworms living in your body kind of creepy. I love it though, even if it has The Fringe Problem, ie, no eating while you read.

012. Queers Dig Time Lords (again)

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 16.24.25

So I’ve been too lazy to blog about Queers Dig Time Lords, the book I have an essay in that came out two days ago. Blame the depression. It’s what I do. This morning (cough 1:30 pm) I woke up feeling awful (oh woe is me) and not only because the Penguins are 3-0 down in games in the playoffs what is wrong with you the Bruins suck get yourself together I can’t go on if you let MARCHAND go to the finals you jerks and I spent all night watching them lose in second overtime, but you’ve heard all the rest before, so let’s not even go there. But then! Then I went on Twitter and was linked to this review and I know keysmashing is strictly a Tumblr thing and definitely nothing you should post in your offically officalest of official blogs which isn’t all that official since all I write about is depression, books and muffins, but aökdfafdaöhdfadhfa!!!! (The same goes for multiple exclamation marks, doesn’t it?)

For posterity and also because it makes me feel good, let’s blockquote it:

The most moving section of the book is by Kaia Landelius. In “Spoilers: A Letter to Myself: Age 16”, Landelius writes a beautiful letter to her younger self. The message is one of hope. She explains that no matter how difficult things seem and how confused she is, not to worry. One day she will find the Doctor and all of his wonderful companions which will put everything into perspective. This contribution struck a chord as no matter what your sexual orientation, all Whovians who find the show later in life wish they would have had it sooner to help make sense out of growing up.

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 16.24.47

I love how just reading the table of contents is an amazing exercise because the titles of the essays are just so brilliant. I’m sure the essays are just as awesome, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to read the book yet. The few times I’ve been published I’ve simply let the book sit on my coffee table for months, sort of circling around it like it’s something really scary, because I’m a ridiculous person. This time I hope to get that down to a few weeks because they all sound brilliant.

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 16.25.09

And finally, the first page of my article. Because I want to, that’s why. It wasn’t quite a police phone box, by the way, but close enough.

After writing that last paragraph I actually went and checked whether it could’ve been a proper one and yes! I think it actually is one. Probably not in use but in the words of Wikipedia:

Some have been converted into High Street coffee bars. These are common in Edinburgh, though the City also has dozens that remain untouched — most in various states of disrepair. Edinburgh’s boxes are relatively large, and are of a rectangular plan, with a design by Ebenezer James MacRae, who was inspired by the city’s abundance of neoclassical architecture.

So that’s pretty cool.



I have become with a new sport. Years and years ago I tripped and fell into Arsenal insanity thanks to an internet friend. This year, thanks to a whole other friend? Oh yeah. Hockey. Pittsburgh Penguins. Just like that. I almost didn’t fall in love because of the stupid lock-out of which I still don’t understand all (or most) of the details, but a short season is better than no season (insert the THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN PREMIER LEAGUE face here), so I’ll deal. Even if I worry about injuries when they play games every other day or sometimes even several days in a row.

Growing up hockey and football were the most popular sports, and you kind of just had to hope that Sportnytt, the sports show that summed up the day/weekend’s sporty events, would squeeze handball in on a corner instead of showing excerpts from yet another hockey game you didn’t care about (they usually didn’t). So, naturally, I decided to dislike it. It’s all about punching each other anyway, right?

This is, I have found out, not true. People do punch each other and I did hear Engelland (who is, from what I’ve been told, employed as much to be tough and scary and hit people as he is for his defensive prowess) say about an awful black eye “eh, I can still see out of it, it’s cool”, but truth is that I’ve almost come to like the fights. Not so much because they make sense or because punching someone in the face is what I want to see when I watch a game (I really, really don’t), but I do like how these boys back each other up. When one person gets injured/goes down/takes a bad hit, his teammates? They’re so there. 100%. It’s almost sweet. You know, if sweet was a 6’2 scary hockey player with murder in his eyes.

I’m still a bb!fan and have only just learned to follow the puck (it’s hard, okay?) as it’s played, soooo I have tons to learn but a few things I really enjoy after having followed this crazy game for a bit over a month:

– when they shoot the puck into the boards and sort of just know what angle it will bounce back from, and time it so the right person is there to scoop it up,
– the way they fist bump everyone on the bench after they score a goal,
– how beautiful sneaky passing is in this game (sorry football, you’ve got nothing),
– how really good skating looks like dancing,
– what I said above, how they all got each other’s backs at any given time,
– how at the end of a game they all have to go a knock helmets with the goalie, sort of like my cat does with me when she’s feeling a cuddle coming on,

and a whole lot of other things that would probably make a ‘real’ fan roll their eyes so hard and probably pat me on the head and tell me it’s just because I’m a girl that I don’t really get it. Don’t worry, boys, I’ll get there. Trust me. I would present my football knowledge as proof but fuck that, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

And speaking of goalies! My favourite player so far is the guy above. His name is Marc-André Fleury and he’s the most adorable French-Canadian kid ever. He seems unable to not smile or laugh while talking, he accidentally swears in interviews all the time, he has an awesome accent and embraces the fact that everyone calls him Flower. Because why wouldn’t you, when someone has a last name like that? (There’s also a guy called Cookie, just like me!)

You also have to appreciate the guts it takes to throw yourself flat on the ice as half a dozen players are coming towards you at an insane speed, and yes, the goalies are, as described in the comic below “breakdancing ninjas wearing giant robot costumes”. I love a good goal and beautiful passing makes me sigh happily, but it’s the ninjas I love the most.

The comic? Comes from this page, and I do hope it’s okay to post it like this because it’s perfect. (Also read this one, about a gay couple who are a hockey player and an opera singer, it’s awesomecakes.)

hockeycomic01 hockeycomic02

hockeycomic03 hockeycomic04