I actually have a more serious type post brewing but right now I’m so full up on Christmas and housework and baking and making presents that i seriously can’t think that much about anything. My writing is suffering, you guys. I can’t wait to get back to it. I started the holidays out DETERMINED to do a proper Christmas, as I think I’ve blogged about before. By now? I am loving having stuff nice around me and I enjoy sewing and baking and proper non-computer time but oh my God I’m tired. ONLY ONE MORE DAY. (Ahhhh.)

So here’s some pictures. Because I can, that’s why.

dec23-02 dec23-01

I bought cookie cutters on Etsy because I wanted some proper ones with icing and stuff in the tree. Except that it turns out I am icing impaired so that latter part didn’t happen. These are also plastic, made from a 3D printer (how can you even print in 3D? It’s a mystery), so I don’t think they’ll last very long. But they were cheap so that’s okay.

dec23-03 dec23-04

My sister usually make the gingerbread house because she’s the artistic one. I can write and sew. She can draw and paint and make awesome looking baked goods. It’s just how it is. This year she won’t get home until the 25th though, so I took it upon myself to make one. It… did not go well. My icing incompetence is showing, and then we ran out of powdered sugar so I couldn’t make more and I got so mad so I just stuck the candy to the roof with glue.

dec23-05 dec23-06

dec23-07 dec23-08

The tree was a bit of an adventure. My cat loves playing with it. See picture one. I tied it to the window sill and it hasn’t fallen over since but WHO KNOWS. Also, that bow? I learned how to make it from the Martha Stewart website. I don’t know what that says about me.

I kept adding stuff to the tree and it wasn’t until today I was happy with it. I knitted tiny socks (I blogged the pattern here and put in there, I hung the sole surviving Dalek (I dropped most of the ones with holes for a ribbon, boo) in it too, and dried orange slices as decorations. Which I do every single year, because I love the pretty and it’s super easy.

dec23-09 dec23-10

Lots of hearts! And really amazing ginger clove cookies. You should make them. The fresh shredded ginger adds a tiny hint of spice and I lovelovelove them. My floated out lots, probably because I used other kinds of flour but they taste amazing so I don’t even care.

Two kinds of candy, one kind of cookie and lots of cleaning and sewing left to do. And when I’m done I will sleep for a week and also eat all the food in the world. And WRITE.