020. Unfuck your habitat

Remember how a year ago or something, the whole Unfuck Your Habitat was a Thing? (It’s apparently still a thing, judging from Tumblr, but I had no idea.) I tried a bit back then, but I just couldn’t do it.

To put it plainly I’ve spent the last three or four years living in what could, if you were generous, called a bachelor’s pad, or ‘a spoonless disabled (?) (I will write more about that later) person’s display of inadequacy’, if you want to be less so. And let me just say, I don’t judge other people that harshly, but for myself? Yes. I’ve seen every square meter of this apartment as a way of telling myself how much I suck. I still do, to an extent.

As an example: I don’t do visitors. I don’t open the door if people don’t call first. I prefer not to have people over, period. This space is mine and I love it and I’m ashamed of it at the same time. But during NaNoWriMo I found new ways to procrastinate. Mainly, cleaning. The high of meds that were (are) working played a part too I’m sure, but I started tearing shit apart and putting them back together, and sure, it would’ve been faster to get rid of the visible messes and leave the rest for ‘later’ (or, you know, never), but I’ve tried this a million times. So I went through my desk.

When I was done my desk no longer had four chapsticks (I hate chapstick) in it. I had one functioning hole puncher, not one that worked and one that didn’t. The two years worth (yes, seriously) of bills piled on top got its own binder. I may have gone a bit overboard, actually. But yes. I decluttered. A lot. I threw some stuff away. I put some to be given away. I put some in a box labelled ‘The Big Box of Decluttering’. When I was done I did my closet, and put some stuff in a box that I may or may not give away. And when I was done with that I did the doomiest thing of them all: I attacked my yarn stash.

Dec12th08 Dec12th03
Dec12th02 Dec12th07

I brought my dresser into the bedroom (it had lived in my sewing corner before, filled with fabrics), and moved my book shelf out into the living room. I got rid of small balls of yarn. I bagged up some icky acrylic to give away. I was reminded that I own a spindle and some seriously gorgeous wool. And then I sorted it all into the dresser. So yeah. After doing that I still have a whole dresser full of yarn. Shut up. It’s totally normal.

And because I’m five years ago I then labelled each drawer with owl stickers. In English. I don’t know about that last part. But I knit in English (I seriously need a glossary to decipher knitting patterns in Swedish) so maybe that makes sense.

bild Dec12th05
Dec12th06 Dec13th04

I did my sewing corner next, and realised that it’s so much better to keep fabric in tubs like this, because you can fold them so you can see all of them at once. I may have sorted them by colour. I’m planning on stealing another one of those green things from my parents (yay Ikea!) and sort some small stuff in it, but otherwise I’m happy. And yes, that is a cutlery drawer… thing for my thread. Best idea ever. I had one over because once upon a time I lived in an apartment with really tiny kitchen drawers. And I totally own that many buttons and asked for another one just like this for the ones that didn’t fit.

This probably took me about three weeks, because I still don’t have an unlimited amount of spoons available. And I did do stuff like leave my book shelf in the middle of the room for four days. (That’s my TV in the background.)

And seriously? It will probably (definitely) become messy as hell soon again. But when it does I can read this and remember how nice it was to have everything all tidy.

And for reference, things I threw out:

– underwear that fit me 20 kilos ago,
– three year old chapsticks,
– pens with no ink,
– receipts,
– old newspapers,

etc, etc.

Things I put in the big box of decluttering:

– pencils and crayons my grandma gave me after my grandpa died even though I never paint,
– a basket I wove four years ago and hate,
– bracelets I haven’t used for ten years,
– two old ipods (I could possibly sell those),
– a camera that doesn’t work,
– old letters,
– a weird mug with a castle on it,

and a hundred other things. I can probably throw most of it (not the letters) out without missing it, but I can’t let go quite yet.

And wow, this has to be a boring post.

2 thoughts on “020. Unfuck your habitat

  1. Not at all boring! I really enjoyed reading this, because I have a big de-clutter/chuck out on my list of things to do in January :)

    • I’m glad you liked it! I have Instagrammed way too much of this already so I figured I’d take it to the blog.

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